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Tension of twisted beams

if a wood beam or rafter is twisted, is there a way to un-twist it? Does clamping it down for a certain period of time straighten it? If not, is it a good idea to bolt it down to force it straight, or ...
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3 answers

Possible to remove twist from the framework of this bench?

I was building a new bench and I was hoping that I would be able avoid any warping in the wood. Unfortunately, after everything was completed I have an overall twist in the bench. (Images below) Is ...
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Bending birch plywood

I have a largish piece of birch ply (120cm by 60cm) that warped -- one corner is 2cm off the flat plane. I cannot replace this piece, so I'd like to try and bend it back to a flatter condition. I ...
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Twist in board after glue up!

I have been planing / jointing rough sawn wood recently and edge joining it to create a larger board. Every single time the finished board ends up with a big twist (diagonally opposed corners too low)....
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How to mount mirror in wood frame that is not square?

I am making a frame for a heavy antique mirror that is 54" by 16" by 1/4" thick. Currently, I have glued up the frame. It consists of four lap jointed 2x4's. After the glue had dried, the frame did ...
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