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For questions primarily focused on 90 degree angles and how to realize them with accuracy.

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Panel joining boards

I am working with some local wood in Malaysia (Nyatoh) to make a small table top. Each 4” piece is slightly out of square. Is it possible to join the 4 boards together bending them so that they are ...
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90° notches into side of thick dowel legs

I’m trying to build a fairly simple-looking wooden table with four 3" dowel legs. I don’t plan on using any screws, what I want to do is about 1" down from the top of the dowel I want to ...
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Why does the blade of a sliding T-bevel have a point?

Does anyone have a good reference for the reason a typical wood or metal sliding T-bevel comes to a point? I've always wondered, and recently this tool came up in a semi-famous YouTube video, which ...
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2 answers

Checking squareness of a T-square

There are well known ways to self-prove a straight edge, combination square, or machinist square, to the accuracy needed in woodworking. Those methods only need the tool itself, a pencil or knife, a ...
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Is it possible to use a mortiser bit without a mortiser?

My project requires about 60 precise square holes, 14mm on a side. I don't have a mortiser but a mortiser bit is fairly inexpensive. Is there a way I could use that bit by hand to cut those holes? ...
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Difficulties using a marking knife

I have gone deeper into manual woodworking and marking gauges and, in this case, marking knifes are essential in accuracy, especially for joinery. I do have a problem though, I keep running my ...
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Consistent cutting of pencils

I'm trying to cut some coloured pencils into small chunks or slices, less than 8mm I'm getting good square cuts when the stars align but the key is consistency. My small rotary cutting tool is fixed ...
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3 answers

True up small piece of wood

I want to mount this piece of plywood in such a way that it is reasonably removable. I first need to true up the edges of the wood and that is difficult because of its small size, 8" x 12". I have a ...
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2 answers

Sliding miter saw's kerf too wide at one end of board

I don't yet have a table saw (just starting out and learning quickly here), but did come by a nice, used sliding compound miter saw from a friend who no longer had a need for it. The issue I'm ...
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How to mount mirror in wood frame that is not square?

I am making a frame for a heavy antique mirror that is 54" by 16" by 1/4" thick. Currently, I have glued up the frame. It consists of four lap jointed 2x4's. After the glue had dried, the frame did ...
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How can you make a square without a square?

There are many tutorials on making a square to check that corners are 90 degrees, but they all require you to use a square to check. So how can you make a square, without using a square? How were ...
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