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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 321
Finishing a woodworking project refers to the final steps to beautify and preserve it.
× 221
The process of joining two pieces (usually wood) together. Techniques, tools, hardware.
× 215
How to accomplish a task, good and safe ways, and faster simpler ways to do the same thing.
× 187
Specifically for questions about wood, the "raw" material itself (not to be used for questions about processing wood).
× 136
Making, repairing or refinishing
× 126
supplied by the tool user.
× 118
About uses and techniques, features to look for etc.
× 117
The tools and techniques surrounding the process of coloring the wood while maintaining the appearance of the grain.
× 113
Issues related to the design phase of a woodworking project.
× 104
Questions dealing with safety issues in wood working. Equipment usage, techniques etc. where the potential harm to self or others exists.
× 100
Chemical joinery. Using glues to attach pieces together.
× 94
made with many thin layers of wood. The layers are generally laminated in alternating grain directions to improve strength and reduce warping.
× 92
Routers and bits, Features, techniques, safety etc.
× 91
Using abrasives to smooth or shape wood. Techniques, recommendations
× 91
Tools that use some form of power other than muscle, usually electricity.
× 80
What tools to use, how to use them and when.
× 78
Questions regarding selection of wood for specific applications or characteristics.
× 77
not sure what tools would best suit a particular application or project.
× 73
fixing items made from wood that has been damaged in some way shape for form.
× 61
Questions regarding the finish selection for a project
× 53
When, why, how to sharpen what. i.e. How to sharpen a cross-cut saw?
× 53
Fasteners with a helical thread along the outside. Uses a twisting motion to install or remove.
× 47
Maintenance, techniques and general use of Hand planes.
× 47
Questions dealing with the movement of wood due to weather and seasonal changes
× 45
The process of boring a hole into or through a piece of wood.
× 45
used to profile wood. Wide selection of bits makes for interesting patterns.
× 43
Characteristics and application of opaque finishes.
× 42
Uses and applications of the common raw material also known as timber.
× 41
Building, buying, using workbenches and features to look for/build into it.
× 39
Techniques, tools, products and safety related to removing finish from a piece and reapplying a new finish.
× 38
maintaining tools, when, how, what.