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How do I cut a circle with "stepped" edge in a countertop?

How do I cut out a circle in exsisting wooden counter top and use the cut out piece as a lid (flush) so it doesnt fall through? e.g. a "stepped edge? Obviously I am not using the correct terminologly,...
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Recommendations for a 3’ diameter wooden pipe?

total amateur here. I’m trying to figure out some options for building, essentially, a pipe with these attributes: 3-inch walls (can be hollow) inner diameter of about 3 feet length of this tube/pipe/...
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How to sand round edges

I want to make many irregular shaped cutting boards. for making smooth edges , I want to use round over bit. because of the round edges , I don't know how to sand perfectly. I just found pipe belt ...
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How to make round walls with big radius

I'm trying to think of a good way to make this: But the round sides with the massive radius stumble me. The only way I can think of is cutting many half circles from plywood and then gluing them ...
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