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Questions tagged [steam-bending]

The process of using steam to soften wood to bend it into shapes.

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2 answers

Steam Bending American Walnut

I asked this on the Home Improvement and it was suggested I ask here too. We have a bay window which has an actual curve to it rather than the half octogan that some have. We have skirting boarded the ...
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Intentionally de-laminating bent bed slats

I'm trying to intentionally de-laminate bent bed slats - think Luroy Ikea Slats - I want to get the individual veneer strips out of these so that I can re-bend (probably steam) and glue together into ...
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Resetting a slipped frame element in a frame-and-panel cabinet door

I’m new to woodworking and have a kitchen cabinet door with the following issue: Applying short term pressure to the frame doesn’t make it budge. Perhaps some long term compression bands would move ...
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2 answers

Steaming and laminating for basket/carrier handle

I am making a bottle carrying basket similar to the one in the photo but with a wooden handle and also a higher arc for the handle. The handle is to be an arc with an inner diameter of approx 30 cm (...
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How to bend maple for window sill restoration

We're remodeling a bathroom in a house built in 1920 and we're trying to stay (mostly) true to the original design. The thing we love most about this house is the woodwork. It's simple but very ...
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Can you effectively correct a warped board finished with polyurethane (or other waterproofing)?

Heat and moisture tend to be the go-to's for effectively bending wood. Because of the finish, not much, if any moisture will be able to penetrate the wood. Can heat alone, or just a solid rig that ...
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How to build an effective steam box?

I have built a steambox as shown above, out of plywood. I'm trying to bend some Pinus elliotii (slash pine) as a test with it, but it has not been effective. I have left it on for thirty minutes with ...
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1 vote
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Is it possible straighten (unbend) a piece of coconut shell. Steaming it or heating it?

Is it be possible straighten a piece of coconut shell using similar techniques to bend wood? I know it's not wood but I just can imagine cutting the coconut shell in many tiles and later straighten ...
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Bending Wood: is it easier to bend fast or slow growing ash

I want to bend ash for the stem of a canoe. I am trying to select straight grained quarter-sawn pieces. Should I select pieces which have faster or slower growing wood?
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4 answers

Recommendations for a 3’ diameter wooden pipe?

total amateur here. I’m trying to figure out some options for building, essentially, a pipe with these attributes: 3-inch walls (can be hollow) inner diameter of about 3 feet length of this tube/pipe/...
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2 answers

How do I fix this part of my desk?

I got this desk from a friend that rescued it from the dump. There's a lot of rescue efforts that I'm putting into it. Not the least is fixing the finish that's totally gross. I started scraping the ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Will gluing thin planks to cut out curved chair leg be strong?

I'm making an armchair for a child. I want the back leg to be straight-vertical at the seat level but kick back down the floor, and lean back at the, erm, back. Much like every other rear chair leg in ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Remove twist from plank without reducing thickness

I have a 5/4" x 8" x 6' plank of cherry with a twist on one end. The twist is only about 18" long. When you lay it on a flat surface the corner was raised about 1/4". I tried soaking the board in my ...
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Creating a hollow, seamless box; CNC needed?

I'd like to create a seamless box from nice wood, which is hollow and has rounded corners. It should be comparable with the clock on the left, but with rounded corners like on the right. It needs to ...
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1 answer

Steambending Softwoods

I have read that there are only two softwoods that steambend well, Pacific Yew and Alaskan Yellow Cedar. Are there any other softwoods that have steambending properties that are comparable to the ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Can I steam-bend a piece of wood with a free-floating end?

I've been working on creating a wooden hockey stick. The blade of the hockey stick needs a slight curve and bend to it. I have a small steam box set up and have created a vice with different-length ...
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