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My name is Thomas and I do a little bit of everything. I write fiction, make music, design (board and video) games, and try to get a micro shop up and functional.

It's the 'rona that done did it! I've always fiddle with things and been good at making stuff, but I've never considered any kind of methodology. Then the 'rona came and I swamped in YouTube watching Adam Savage.

This made me itch for something, like, I don't have a workshop anymore (live in an apartment), I had a small one ten years ago, and I grew up in the country (a lot more than ten years ago) and my dad worked from home (as a decorator, yup, a window decorator, so I'm the son of a ... ) and back then I had access to a lot of materials and tools. But I've never conciously had the thought that I had a workshop or was going out to the shop to do some work. I just did stuff.

After looking through the interwebs (well, YouTube mostly) I've packed out all my tools, bought even more, and fitted out my "office". It's kinda crazy. A lot of it had to do with Adam Savage to begin with, but Rex Krueger was the hair on the camel's back (or something) that broke me and got me into gear.

A micro shop is a long and difficult work in process, because space dictates everything. Luckily I'm very good at, and enjoy, optimizing.

Now: I'm still working on preparing my space. My most important project is building a small workbench. This is a project for next year. I've designed it in Sketchup already. Now I've just got to make some simple builds for my micro shop and for the apartment in general.

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