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Finish Sanding before or after wood burning in a design
Accepted answer
4 votes

I would finish the sanding as much as possible prior to burning then once you have finally finished carefully hand sand with a finer grit to remove the edge.

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What are recommended angles for different wood-turning tools
3 votes

Don't obsess about the angle, work at sharpening what you have at the moment to a consistent grind and has no multiple facets. Consistency is the key and the wolverine type jigs are great for that. ...

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Using right angle clamps
2 votes

In my opinion although it looks simple this joint is as difficult as some of the more technically difficult ones. First off make sure all are cut true and to length, then my choice is band clamps with ...

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Combining yew with copper or bronze
1 votes

I am not sure about the copper or bronze but i think it would need sealing when finished to stop it turning green unless that is the effect you want. You can use fine metal powders and set with ...

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Thin, Flat Sheet - Plywood, Masonite, or MDF?
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I think at that size masonite/ply would be fine if on a frame with an internal brace if needed. You could rebate the masonite into the frame to hide the edge if you wanted.

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