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I am a professional knife sharpener and shop tinkering hobbyist. Most of the time I use a basic, water-cooled 1x30 belt grinder and cork polishing wheel. Among grinders, these are inexpensive and high speed, though it may be better to use a two-speed 2x72 or other specialized configuration for the abrasive being used.

I have had the hobby of sharpening knives since I was a child, and in fact I had a talent for throwing and playing with knives. Especially because of my observations and experience with cutlery and sharp tools, I respect their dangers and value their sharpness now even more than then.

I invent, tinker and fix things all over the home and have done a few big projects, like installing a new kitchen for my parents. I am not a contractor, but a sharpener of cutlery, hair-cutting shears, and garden tools with a variety of shop, carpenter, and contractor skills as well.

Both my grandpa's were carpenters, one built at least forty houses and taught me much, the other prefered farming and taught me other things. I was a boy scout and have a technical propensity for computers and science. Somehow, without ever having encouragement or special experience, I became extra interested in blades and sharpening. It took me years to get well supplied and educated enough to do it professionally. Now I feel like I am really serving people whenever I do a good job for them and that makes me happy.

Check out Twitter or something if you want to send me comments. I am super easy to find on the internet, because my unique name, that is why I have not given my full name here... If you really want to contact me and not spam me, you will be able to.

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