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What are some safe finishes for indoor projects likely to be chewed on by a young child or infant?
9 votes

I would say shellac. It's heavily used in the pharmaceutical industry to coat pills. It's an excellent all around finish, but it not's incredibly durable. My next choice would be mineral oil and ...

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When building a shelving unit, how does having the rails and stiles be out of square affect the alignment of the shelf?
4 votes

Construction grade lumber can be pretty bad. I would pay particular attention to the milling process and to the calibration of your tools (i.e. fences): The standard milling process: Jointer: ...

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Gluing end-grain
2 votes

Your result will never be as good as cross grain on cross grain. TiteBond manufactures a thick and long working time glue designed for end grain called "No Run, No Drip Wood Glue." Link to website I'...

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Treating pine for partial burial
2 votes

You're kinda fighting a loosing battle. A high grade marine varnish such as Epifanes would do the best in terms of water and UV protection, but I doubt it would give you the look you want. Here's a ...

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Caulking small outdoor enclosures ( bat house/ birdhouse etc.)
2 votes

I would suggest using something like a pine resin rather than caulk. Keep it as natural as possible. Also, please don't forget to reinforce the entrance to hinder squirrels from chewing through. ...

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Correct Method to Nail Casing Corners
1 votes

I would definitely use glue. I would also use a 23 gauge pin only in event that the joint was misaligned and needed to be kept in place until the glue dries.

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How can I store hand tools so they won't rust?
1 votes

Lee Valley sells a desiccant that you can place in a cabinet with your tools.,43456 One thing I would strongly encourage you to do (which ...

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