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Assembly questions pertain to issues dealing with the joining of project parts.
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About bandsaws, techniques and safety measures when using as well as features to look for when purchasing.
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a metal edged tool used to cut or shape wood.
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related to building wooden boats
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Primarily meant for questions about turning bowls on the lathe.
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Techniques related to making wooden boxes.
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Using a hot iron to emboss or decorate wood
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14 questions
Building or designing cabinets, the materials, techniques etc.
53 questions
Preparing and using hand-held cabinet scrapers
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Use for questions concerning the carving of wood into figures or sculptural ornamentation.
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About uses and techniques, features to look for etc.
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Chipboard is the British English term for particleboard.
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A flat-bladed hand tool usually struck by a mallet to cut and shape wood.
30 questions
About uses and techniques, features to look for etc.
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About uses, techniques and wide variety of temporary fasteners
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Use when cutting the wood is of central importance to the question. Not for questions about planing or milling.
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