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A type of drying oil derived from the seed from the nut of the Chinese tung tree
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Using a lathe to create items. Spindle work, bowls and goblets, pens and pendants. And so much more.
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A film finish which hardens or cures to form a protective layer. Polyurethane, lacquer, and shellac are some examples of common types of varnish.
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Use for any Question relating to twisting, cupping and bending in wood.
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a serious threat to wood projects, Keeping the water out is important. Techniques, products safety.
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Specifically for questions about wood, the "raw" material itself (not to be used for questions about processing wood).
Removing moisture from wood in order to reduce cracking and twisting.
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Note that questions asking how to identify a specific piece of wood are expressly considered off-topic on this site because they are *too localized* and difficult to search. However, this tag can used…
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Questions dealing with the movement of wood due to weather and seasonal changes.
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Fixing items made from wood that has been damaged in some way, shape or form.
Questions regarding selection of wood for specific applications or characteristics.
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Use for Questions about building, buying, using workbenches as well as features to look for/build into it.
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