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Questions regarding the technique of measuring or tools that measure specific things, including both dimensions and angles, as well as moisture content.
33 questions
For questions pertaining to cutting tree trunks into rough-cut lumber, e.g. using a sawmill or hewing axe. Not to be used for 3D carving with a milling machine, which should instead be tagged [cnc].
28 questions
Saws designed to cut wood at different angles to make joints.
31 questions
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For questions regarding mounting of completed pieces to their final location (e.g. shelves on a wall, etc.)
6 questions
14 questions
The use, removal and properties of nails, and related fasteners, and the different tools required for those applications.
12 questions
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8 questions
30 questions
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36 questions
Characteristics and application of opaque finishes.
63 questions
a free, if not cheap, source of materials for a variety of projects
13 questions
13 questions
About uses and techniques, features to look for etc.
1 question
Protecting wood from physical damage such as scratches or dents
14 questions
A softwood, from any of a number of related *pinus* species grown all around the world. It may also be used generically to refer to softwood construction wood in some markets.
37 questions
Maintenance, techniques and general use of hand planes.
58 questions
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made with many thin layers of wood. The layers are generally laminated in alternating grain directions to improve strength and reduce warping.
137 questions
4 questions
a synthetic resin used in some modern finishes.
82 questions
Tools that use some form of power other than muscle, usually electricity.
115 questions
When/How/Where to use pressure treated lumber for projects. Safety concerns etc.
20 questions
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