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Wood that has been recently cut and not yet had a chance to dry/cure.
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many different planes for many different uses, but all shape a piece of wood to meet desired needs.
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About the types, uses, techniques, and features to look for etc.
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supplied by the tool user.
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A wood-fibre board bonded together under heat and pressure. Generally made without any additional adhesive, the original lignin in the wood acting as the binding agent.
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Wood from dicot angiosperm trees, generally leafy trees.
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Questions pertaining to the history of woodworking: study of terminology, techniques and tools
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About uses and techniques, features to look for etc.
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The conditions, techniques and issues associated with placing completed woodworking projects in place such as cabinetry in buildings.
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Useful pieces of equipment to help with creation or assembly of projects.
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About uses and techniques, features to look for etc.
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The process of joining two pieces (usually wood) together. Techniques, tools, hardware.
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About uses and techniques, features to look for etc.
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When a power tool successfully causes a piece of wood to be driven counter to the way that the user is intending, unexpectedly, but frequently predictably.
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Lathes spin wood for the purpose of shaping the wood. Techniques, features, safety etc.
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Low density fibreboard (LDF), also known as particle board or chipboard, is a low cost composite material made by pressing then extruding wood chips and a binder (such as resin). It is cheaper, lighte…
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Uses and applications of the common raw material also known as timber (British English, in the US/North America timber refers to standing trees).
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The process of turning trees into boards.
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a sawdust/wood particle and glue composite fused with heat and pressure to make a simple sturdy material.
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