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It's hard to recommend without seeing what you've tried and without knowing how willing/able you are to experiment with it. You could try several finishes/methods on the part of the beam that would be against the wall/chimney and settle on one that gets you the closest to what you want. Some things you might try: Use a pre-stain conditioner. This will kind ...


Farm it out to someone like me who will turn it into a lighted floating mantle. I used their defectand splits on slso light and epoxy. All rot and soft areas eeep inside your spots and so forth neec harden


If your looking to just transfer take and transfer angles, you could use a sliding t bevel This is at home depot for under $20.00.


I am looking for most structurally sound solution And you should be, given this is a chair. If you want a wood-only solution you want to use a face-grain plug, not a dowel. When you use a dowel it is the reverse of the grain direction of the surrounding wood, so you get end grain facing outwards. A screw won't hold in end grain as strongly as into long-...


Use a hardwood dowel and PVA wood glue. I mean, you could use hide glue if you want, but don't use epoxy. We want something that is strong and workable like wood. Epoxy will be hard, but it won't be easy to work. And the strength here is about a tight glue joint, not super hard cured glue. We want it to be able to saw, drill, and scrape like wood. In my ...

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