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Specifically for questions about wood, the "raw" material itself (not to be used for questions about processing wood).

This tag may be used on questions specifically about wood itself (the material), including but not limited to the following:

  • hardwoods
  • softwoods
  • engineered woods such as plywood and MDF
  • burls
  • green, air-dried, or kiln-dried wood

Please do not use this tag for questions about how to mill, dry, cut, or process wood.

This is a subtle but important distinction. The purpose of this distinction is to allow someone to search for all questions tagged and find useful information about the different types of wood that can be used in woodworking projects, while preventing the tag's meaning from being diluted to the point of being worthless (since all of the questions on this site are presumably about woodworking).

Resources includes an extensive range of basic information about many common species of wood including appearance, strength, and moisture resistance. provides large range of of information on wood species including on structural strength.