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I have read you can use something called "turners tape" to hold the bottom of a bowl to a face plate. In this video, Mike Peace demonstrates using turner's tape for holding small items. He says he uses it sometimes for reversing a small bowl, lids for boxes, etc. What's nice about it is that you don't need to leave a tenon for the chuck to grab ...


I use (with permission) my husbands metal lathe to turn my projects. We just created a tool rest and mounted it. It has adjustable speed. Works fine. Was easier on the hip pocket than buying a wood lathe plus we don't have room for both.


I'm wondering why metal lathes aren't used for turning. In particular I'm wondering why woodturners don't use a tool holder on a stage or tools that resemble metal lathe tools. Sometimes they do, when precision is important. There are various specialized tools for forming balls or cutting several nested bowl blanks out of a single piece of stock, for ...

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