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How to create a 6" hole template with a 1/4" bit and 5/16" template guide?

From the link below... Figuring template offset Offset is the distance from the outside of the guide bushing tube to the cutting edge of the router bit. This dimension determines where the bit cuts ...
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Making layered thin stock (complex shape) flush?

Spindle sander, drum sander, belt sander (using both the flat and the end drum parts.) Some parts of those will require a spindle or drum, on casual examination. Should help getting the router-burn ...
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Why did my flush trim bit chew up my work piece?

This is a very dangerous task if you don't know what you are doing. There are a couple of issues here that can lead to blowout. First, as Graphus mentioned, is the amount of material you are ...
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Was there a better way to make this template?

I feel your pain. Sometimes the right tool just isn't in the garage. What I would do for the long straight shots is use the router with a straight edge. Either a bearing-guided template bit (easy, ...
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Making layered thin stock (complex shape) flush?

Unfortunately, each piece of this layer cake is still slightly imperfect and not totally flush after gluing. If you're using templates correctly this shouldn't really occur. Each one should be a ...
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