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Forming 2x6 tongue & groove decking (with chamfers)

If you have a router table or a shaper, you can buy matched bits that can route the tongue and groove each in 1 pass, such as these tongue and groove bits Of course the biggest problem is finding a ...
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Forming 2x6 tongue & groove decking (with chamfers)

There are a number of ways of cutting the bevels. (Not micro-bevels, if we’re being pedantic.) These are often called chamfers, as well. You could certainly do the bevels/chamfers on the tablesaw; the ...
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How would you make these brackets from Fine Woorking's Modular Wall Unit plans?

These kinds of long miters are indeed fairly tricky to cut. Some options: Table saw with a jig. The jig would allow you to clamp the wood at an angle and then slide across the fence (toggle clamps ...
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Help diagnosing rattling sound table saw

There was a tiny bit of play around the arbor. The Freud blade arbor hole was not exactly 30mm. Fixed by adding a tiny bit of duct tape. So, it was indeed the blade. My mistake to fall for that fancy ...
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