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About uses and techniques, features to look for etc.

Table saws are fixed powered equipment, with adjustable blade height and angle, and a rotating circular sawblade protruding from the middle of a table used to support the material during the cutting operation.

Wood is cut by moving past the spinning blade. It is one of the commonest and most versatile tools in any woodworking shop. With proper use of a rip fence and miter-gauge wood can be cut in straight lines at any angle from parallel (ripping) to perpendicular with the wood grain (crosscutting). With the use of jigs, a tablesaw can be used to cut most of the components used in common woodworking projects including circles and moldings, as well as to form grooves (dados), rebate/rabbets and tenons.

Tablesaws are commonly found in two flavors: portable - for field construction and stationary for shop applications.

Portable tablesaw Stationary tablesaw


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