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Normally used in shipping, pallets are a free, if not cheap, source of materials for a variety of projects

Pallets are usually easy to come by as most stores will have them. Since they have no resale value it is common to find them near trash bins or stacked for removal. In some cases companies could pay you to pick them up.

This cheap source of wood can be the start of any basic wood working project such as birdhouses or small furniture. They can even be utilized in there current form for something simple like a table. Easy sources of inspiration would be Pinterest or 1001 Pallets.

Since pallets can be build with a variety of different woods, assembly styles and dimensions it is important to treat each differently when it comes to dis-assembly.

Even more important is paying attention to the pallet stamp, if present. This can be one of the most important safety considerations when choosing pallet wood.

Consider these points when using this tag as some of the important points in answering a question about wood type, dis-assembly and safety are dependent on the topics discussed here.

Two important primers for pallets:

  1. What is the best way to remove nails from pallets?
  2. What do I need to know when looking at pallets for wood?