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Body positioning while using a jointer

Most woodworkers I know, including myself, walk along with the board when jointing, to some extent; but for long boards they stay in one place either at the infeed or outfeed side and use the push ...
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How do I ensure that the bottom of my shelf project is level?

I think what you are asking is: How do I ensure all my vertical boards are the same length. Often, this is more important than being a particular length. Another way to say it is: You desire ...
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Body positioning while using a jointer

Position yourself centered in front of the cutterhead and use both hands to keep pressure over the cutterhead; as one hand passes, replace the other hand to continue pushing. Do not leave hands near ...
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Body positioning while using a jointer

I don't own a jointer myself, but I watched my dad use his for years, and he always used a pair of flat push blocks with handles and rubber pads on the bottom for friction. Using this type of push ...
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How-to disassemble a pallet for up-cycle pallet wood projects?

Pulling the nails Initially most people who do this will start with a claw hammer. While that can obviously work it has some definite downsides. Other than the aching backs most people will experience ...
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Can some woods just never have a clean finish after sanding?

I've finished reclaimed wood by sanding as you describe, and then buffing. So, specifically: Use a belt sander with 80 grit followed by 120 grit Random orbit sander 120 grit followed by 220 grit ...
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What does methyl bromide look like on timber?

Second-hand pallet timber should not be used for anything except pallets or industrial use. The problem is two-fold: you don't know how the pallet was originally treated, nor what the pallet ...
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What is the best way to remove nails from pallets?

After asking a similar question and doing some research I have found a novel alternative. Use a sawz-all, or reciprocating saw, to just cut all the nails free, then remove the tops with a punch and ...
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