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I haven't read the book, so caveat emptor here... Having said that, a non-blind pin (ie, one that's visible on both sides and far and away the most common approach) can easily be punched out. I don't know why you'd want to drill, frankly, as you'd risk hitting the tenon and forcing yourself into an ever-expanding cycle of bigger and bigger pins. Pegging ...


Well first off challenge your perception that you can't use a conventional wood screw in particleboard/chipboard. You can. Screws (of a number of different types) are available that are designed specifically for this purpose, and have been since at least the late 60s. Even when there were no such alternative screws (or the budget didn't allow for them) old-...


You don't have to make the notch go all the way to the side of the box. I typically use 5/8 drawer box material and my notch starts 5/8 in from the drawer side leaving the last pin and about half of the first dovetail. Only notch what you have to


would like some tips on how this can be done. As I mention above in the Comments, this is a typical joint in Chinese furniture (and I think in other Asian furniture traditions as well, although I don't know how they do the joinery). However, as I indicated if this is a Western piece it could be done in any number of ways and the added photo of the underside ...

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