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finishing maple block toys

I am a bit concerned about the coloring as it seems in the photos that it doesnt cover that much, perhaps it should be diluted? The items pictured are likely finished in either: a waterbased finish, ...
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Can I use a poly finish on unstained wood in cold temps?

Your finish may never dry/cure, and if it does, it may not adhere very well to the wood. The manufacturers put recommended temp ranges on their products because, whether they've tested them outside ...
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Tough finish for a painted wooden toy box?

am currently planning to spray it with acrylic paint (Liquitex) and then varnish it with gloss acrylic varnish. Does that sound like a good approach and are there better ways to do it? If the gloss ...
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Is it safe to sand sharp edges off of this manufactured desk?

I'm used to similar desks not having the fake wood right to the edge, but instead having a wood-ish colour curve, that also means the edge isn't harsh. On the one I'm sitting at it's clearly that the ...
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