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Alternatives to edge banding for painted plywood?

Putting aside your long-term goal for this for the moment, there are indeed many ways you can prepare plywood edges for paint. And as you can imagine there's quite a bit of advice out there on this ...
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Is there a way to hide the adhesive line from iron-on edge banding

Any suggestions for how to hide the adhesive line? If the banding is thick enough, you could use a string inlay tool to cut a narrow groove where the adhesive is. Then inlay some stringing (very thin ...
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What is the best process to create a laminated panel with MDF core, linoleum & veneer faces, and edge banding?

I would use the order in your last technique you described but with these details : Cut the MDF to shape Apply the banding to the edge Use flush cut router to trim the banding to thickness of the MDF ...
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