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Absolutely not - unless you want to destroy your wood - bind up your saw (radial arm saw) or throw the wood back in your face (table saw). You only have 4 teeth on a chipper - that would be insanity to even try.


Is it safe to use just the chippers in a dado stack? No. The chippers are designed to do just that — chip out the middle of a groove being cut on either side by both outside blades. Some dado stacks come with instructions that state not to use the chippers without both blades, example from Freud, sixth bullet point from bottom: "Always use both ...


I have never tested it, but I would think that a chipper, with only two teeth, might be quite risky. In a standard blade the teeth are secured in their path by the blade disc which serves to guide and support the teeth in the desired path. Without the rotating mass of the blade disc, I would worry that it is much easier for something to go wrong to make ...


There are specific situations where solid-wood wooden panels are installed to allow expansion and contraction to occur outwards from one edge. This is chiefly used for tabletops that will be positioned against a wall, like the classic demilune (see image in previous Answer to What general considerations do I need to take into account for wood movement?). ...

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