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Green wood (for turning) and mold risk

I do woodturning in a community shop (maker space) and it turns out they have a policy against (or at least highly discourage) using green wood in the shop due to the possibility of mold growth in the ...
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Can I oil wood if the pores are full of epoxy?

I turned a mesquite bowl to near final dimensions on my lathe, then filled some defects with epoxy. The defects were in end grain areas. After turning it flush and removing enough wood that there are ...
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Sanding with lathe turning

When sanding with the lathe turning, should speed be increased as finer grit is used? What speeds should be used for sanding according to grit being used?
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How to prevent wood checking and how to save already checked piece? [duplicate]

A branch fell off a walnut tree and I cut a section to turn into a bowl or something, because the grain is beautiful. I thought it might age better if I removed the bark, so I did that, but other than ...
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What's this substance that was found fully-enclosed in a eucalyptus blank?

This glassy, opaque item was deep inside a eucalyptus blank. There was no indication from the outside of the wood that there was anything inside, so it must have been grown over while the tree was ...
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Metal lathe tool post on a wood lathe

I’ve been wanting to try and use a chisel holder tool post like on a metal lathe on a wood lathe for a while now, I’ve looked a bit online but didn’t find any tool holders that are made for wood ...
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Wood Lathe Safety Drive Center: Correct Usage?

I'm just starting to learn how to use the skew chisel in spindle turning and after watching one of Alan Lacer's videos I decided to invest in a safety drive center, shown below: He had his students ...
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