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How deeply does yakisugi protect the wood?

I want to make a cutting board out of ash and I want to char the outside using Yakisugi, because I love that black color. A cutting board has to be smooth and hard, so I would need to scrape off the ...
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Wood sag question

I used a 2ft. piece of 2x12 Doug Fir as a small ramp for truck. When truck weight was on the 2x12; the 2x12 flexed (sagged) a little and when the weight was removed the 2x12 went back into its regular ...
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How does the size of a hole in dimension lumber affect strength?

I've looked around the internet but cannot find a good explanation for this question. Generally speaking, will a 1-1/2” hole in the dead center of a board (say, the biggest common hardware store found ...
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What test is being performed on this wood stock?

This video on glulam beam production shows a brief clip of some kind of test or measurement being made on wood boards prior to lamination into a glulam beam: The ...
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