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Need to cover a tabletop [closed]

I'm new to woodworking and want to create a good workspace to work remotely. There is a need to change the tabletop into an oak one. I`ve already found a material for the tabletop and the color it ...
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How to apply Rubio Monocoat and Black Bison Wax to white oak

I love the look of black bison wax on oak as a way to really bring out the grain. (see example photo) Until now I've only used rubio monocoat as a finish. It's pretty much impossible to mess up and it ...
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Looking for a recipe for a clear oil+wax finish that doesn't change the colour of the wood

Can someone share a recipe for a clear (non-yellowing) oil wax wood finish? I’ve made paste wax from 1 part wax to 4 parts boiled linseed oil before but I’d like an option that doesn’t change the ...
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Is Odie's Oil worth all the hype... and money? [closed]

If you've looked at a woodworking magazine, watched anything wood-related on YouTube, or just browsed anything on the internet related to woodworking, you've probably come across Odie's Oil. It's ...
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How to finish untreated European Oak wooden floors

I have bought a Oak Wooden floor planks unfinished. I have filled all the knots with clear resin and sanded it back for a lovely finish. I now need to protect the planks from drying out and cracking, ...
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Didn't wait long enough for tung oil to dry before applying wax - can I just leave it be?

Ok, I am pretty new to woodworking. I treated some poplar with half tung oil, half citric oil (for thinning the tung oil and facilitating absorption). I waited 24-48 hours and then I applied All ...
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Can I apply dark Briwax over boiled linseed oil?

I've made some shelving out of scaffold boards and I was initially planning on a light, natural finish. After one application of boiled linseed oil (BLO) I changed my mind and now I want to go dark. ...
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What's the polishing method to achieve/maintain this smooth, reflective finishing

I bought this set of 30-year old dining table and chairs from Craigslist, and the owner indicated that they would polish them every year. I was stupid not to follow up with a question about their ...
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Can I use #0000 steel wool for final polish of water-based polyurethane?

I'm finishing my first woodworking project — a tabletop that I hope to mount on a sit/stand desk mechanism. I've stained and applied 4 coats of Varthane water-based polyurethane in matte finish. I ...
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When is using melted wax filler preferred over wood putty?

Melted solid wax as a filler seems like it can provide a good color match and apparently a sufficiently strong/hard surface for a lot of repairs. Is it a good general substitute for drying/curing wood ...
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Wax Oil finish on linseed finish

I want to add a 'hard wax oil' on my kitchen table. However I have finished it with a three coats of linseed oil. (once 1:1 turpentine and linseed and 2 coats of pure linseed oil). Is it possible to ...
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Applying finish over furniture repair wax

I have a panel made from recycled lumber - there are a number of 10mm holes from some sort of fixtures in the woods previous life. These are not nail holes, but clean drilled out holes. I'm not ...
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