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Water is a serious threat to wood projects, Keeping the water out is important. Techniques, products safety.

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New Orleans style Exterior Wood Shutters

What process would you go through to create this style of shutters, with the expectation that they're built for long-life? Specifically, I'm interested in how the back panel is put together: glue or ...
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Long lasting exterior shutters

I'm creating some exterior wood shutters made from Eastern Red Cedar (rails and stiles) and Western Red Cedar (panels). The mismatch really has more to do with what's available locally than a design ...
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What is this happned to my furniture

I have a closed room where I keep some furniture which is made up of engineered wood. By closed, I mean I dont keep windows open. Also in that room, I keep wet cloths to dry on cloths drying stand ...
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How can I seal a stained wood drop ceiling above the shower?

I am replacing my bathroom drop ceiling panels with lightweight 1/4" sanded plywood (not exterior grade) that I am cutting myself. I am planning on staining them and then putting on some kind of ...
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Additional layer of protection over polymerized linseed oil that maintains feel

I recently finished a pine table with 100% polymerized linseed oil (Tried and True), however would like to retain the natural feel of the wood while protecting it more. Ideally looking for something ...
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