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Turning vise screws?

I've been trying to wrap my head around how to turn a wooden vise screw on the lathe (around 3 to 6 TPI) . I've looked at Thread chasing and a few jigs, but the have a few problems: The thread chasing ...
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Using a Jim Miller Tenon Jig

Has anybody built the tenon cutting jig from this article (video here). I bought the issue of Popular Woodworking issue that it came from and it says the curved support (on the left in the picture) is ...
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Leg vise - Planning for toe-in clearance on leg/chop vise screw holes

I am building a workbench with a leg vise using a traditional parallel guide/pin board. The vise screw is an off-the-shelf 18" metal vise screw, the legs are southern yellow pine and the vise ...