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finishing maple block toys

I am writing to ask about making maple blocks like these I have checked a few other posts here on stack exchange with regard to wood type and PU varnish, I will be using maple. I live in the EU and ...
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How to make a toy figure as seen in picture?

I'm looking for options to create toy figures as seen in the attached pictures. The figures are wood and between 3/8 and 1/2 inch thick. What type of saw, or would I need a CNC router to do this? I’m ...
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What tools were used to make this toy block?

My daughter has these wooden blocks; they're about 5cm on a side. Two faces are machined(?) with various letters, as shown -- and my question is how this face was made? It doesn't look laser-cut, ...
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Rocking horse without a band/scroll saw or belt sander

Is there any way to create a simple rocking horse without a band saw or scroll saw or belt sander, and not spending days whittling/hand-sawing rough pieces? I have a miter saw, table saw, drill press,...
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Type of wood for chunky puzzle

As a novice in woodworking, I am looking for some advice concerning a project I have in mind. I would like to create something similar to a chunky puzzle, something that looks like this, with much ...
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What hand tools might have been used historically to create a wooden train?

I am writing a novel set in 1850s Nevada. I would like to have the papa make his son a wooden train. Could he do this with a hand saw? What other hand tools would he need?
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Wood types in Southeast Asia

What sort of wood found in Southeast Asia is lightweight and can be used to build teething toys for children?
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What kind of wood should I use for making a toy car?

I want to engrave, i.e. shape, a small toy sports car out of wood. I do not plan on doing it using chainsaws but with a few hand tools. The dimensions of the car are going to be 15cm x 12cm x 10cm. I ...
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What are #1, #3, #324 Wood Pegs

I'm planning on making a rocking tractor from the Cherry Tree plans , which call for #1, #3, #57, and #324 wood pegs. Does anybody know what these are exactly? The wood toy parts supplier web pages I'...
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How to shape a toy boat's hull accurately?

I would like to make a series of boat's hulls from a single block of wood. My first consideration is how to semi-accurately model the complex geometry of the stern and bow of a ship. The models only ...
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Properly securing a ramp

I'm building a 2'x2', 3 floor parking garage for my son. I've built the core structure out of 1/2" plywood, with dowels supporting it, and 3/16" chalkboard-paper lined plywood glued on top of the ...
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