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Questions tagged [tool-selection]

When you are not sure what tools would best suit a particular application or project. (Please note that this tag should not be used for tool purchasing recommendations, as purchasing recommendations are out of scope for this site.)

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What is the clamping force of a "T-bar" sash clamp (or how can I work it out)?

I'm trying to compare some different types of clamps. I have some of these:
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How bore out a shallow sink into a 2x10"?

I have a set of standing shelves that are built from standard home store 2x10"s. I wanted to repurpose the shelf as a place for my houseplants. When I water the plants, there is a lot of drainage ...
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Sharpening Stones for Chisels and Planes (the 1000th time)

A form of this question has, no doubt, been asked a 1,000 times, but I need some specific guidance. As and early Father's Day present, my wife bought me a Veritas Mk. II Honing Guide. Maybe this ...
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