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What is the proper configuration of a buzz saw cradle?

I am trying to make my old buzzsaw safer. I suspect that the cradle —the iron hand that holds the log — could be improved. There is no user's manual — both the company and the country where the ...
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3 answers

Can I use an oversized blade on a radial arm saw?

I have a 10” Craftsman radial arm saw that serves most of my shop cutting needs. However, occasionally I need to cut through material that is just a bit thicker than what can fit under the blade. ...
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Can DIBOND be used to make a riving knife?

I want to make a riving knife for my table saw, as the one that came with it goes higher than the blade. I would like a riving knife that matches the height of the blade fitted in order to resaw 8cm ...
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What is the purpose of the side handle on a hand ("eggbeater") drill?

What is the purpose of the side knob (circled in orange) on a hand or "eggbeater" drill? I can't remember ever using this handle for anything. I'm considering cutting off the side knob so ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Kanna setup: blade/mouth width, osae-bo bending

I'm in the process of setting up my first kanna. I'm facing two problems: The blade is wider than the mouth, it overlaps the mimi and chips get stuck there (see picture). What is the correct way to ...
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How can I give a circular saw blade a flat top grind?

This question's answers suggest buying a table saw blade with a flat top grind (FTG). I haven't seen any of these locally, and I happen to have at least one dull carbide-tipped, alternating angled ...
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How can I enclose the top of my contractor table saw for better dust collection?

I have a contractor table saw that I want to seal up for better dust collection. I have a good idea for how to close in the back and other holes, but I'm not quite sure what to do about the area where ...
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