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Board strength of true 1"x4"

I am trying to make a king-size bed frame. I have 2"x6"x80" pine boards that were free (always best). I planed them down to 1" thick to use for the head/foot/side rails. If I rip ...
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Will a 4x4 be suitable?

I am working on a project that has three 2x12’s supporting a load of 12,000 lbs. similar, but not exactly, to how joists support a house. The 2x12’s are supporting about 6,000 lbs. on each end. The ...
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Strengthening plant stand butt joints

I want to start working on my first woodworking project: a plant stand. It's quite a large project (for being first project), but my neighbor has worked on some projects and he can help me to some ...
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Strengthen a post and beam structure

I am making a structure for a swing and I saw this design online. I have used 4x4 fence posts but I am now looking at it and testing it, and feel it is a bit flimsy. I am going to add braces either ...
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Install Door Frame and Bifold Doors

We have a storage room, where a Water Heater, Forced Air compartments, and Electric box are installed as shown in Fig. 1. I am planning to install a wooden wall around all of these, which looks solid ...
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2.20m x 3.80m rectangular frame - will it be stable?

I want to make a cover that masks the pond foil along the edges of my parents' fish pond which is 2.2m x 3.8m. I'm planning on using quarter sawn boards out of larch, 11cm wide and 3cm thick, joined ...
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Dowel vs screwed butt for strongest butt joint in moving structural frame

Hi I am reading about all the different joint types and when to use them. I am building a frame out of 2x2 lumber, joined at 90% most of the time, that will be under a lot of stress. I figured out ...
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Questions around designing and building an indoor climbing frame

As the winter is coming, we're planning with my wife to build a simple, indoor climbing frame for our small children and ourselves. We're also thinking of doing it ourselves as we can't afford to pay ...
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Hand Saws for Timber Framing

What saws were traditionally used for timber framing cuts in British practice? British-style backsaws don't seem to have cut depths any more than about 4", so how did they cut long tenons?
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