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Questions tagged [thickness-planer]

Machine to make the faces of a board or panel parallel, flat and to the desired thickness.

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How to overcome plywood thickness variation when doing slot joinery

Plywood will always have some variation in thickness. So woodworkers will usually overcome that by making not only rabbets/dadoes, but also tongues. But when you're working with slotted plywood, such ...
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Can a jointer or a thicknesser be used as a drum sander?

A thicknesser works by rotating a drum with knives to remove material from a board with one flat edge. The board is fed against the drum by a conveyor belt or by an infeed roller as shown in this ...
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Metabo HC260 planer thicknesser blades

I have Metabo HC260 planer/thicknesser (or jointer/planer if you must) and I bought a new set of blades for it. The original blades have a little notch on the back side where an adjustment screw sits (...
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