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Questions tagged [thickness-planer]

Machine to make the faces of a board or panel parallel, flat and to the desired thickness.

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Can I run pressure treated deck boards through thickness planer?

I inherited a deck with my new house. I'm thinking about resurfacing the deck because the boards are badly discoloured, although they appear to be structurally sound. I'm trying to convince myself ...
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What is a planer sled and how do you use it?

In What are the jointer-specific steps for removing warp in lumber? a planer sled is suggested for milling twisted lumber rather than a jointer. What is a planer sled, and how is it used for removing ...
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How can I minimize snipe while thickness planing?

I usually notice a small amount of snipe on the ends of the boards I run through my thickness planer. It's not too deep, (<1/32" maybe?), and doesn't cover too much of the board length (<4" on ...
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When should I use a Jointer vs. a Planer?

I am fairly new to woodworking and just starting to outfit my shop with power tools. One area that I find confusing is the use case for a jointer vs. a planer. Both tools seem to have very similar ...
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What is the minimum length I can thickness plane?

The thickness planers I've seen have a cutter head between two rollers. The rollers grab the stock and feed it past the cutter head, counteracting the force applied by the blades. If the rollers do ...
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Can barn wood planks be planed and how thin?

Reclaimed barn wood planks - about 100 years old. Heat treated and planed/sanded to 3/4" thickness, by lumber mill. Each 4.5 foot X 6 inch plank weighs on average 5 lbs (and there are 99 of them). ...
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