Questions tagged [thermally-modified]

Use this tag when asking questions about wood that has been heated to very high temperatures short of ignition.

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Can resistance to rot be improved with home heating?

There is a process by which wood is heated several times in the absence of oxygen to improve its mechanical properties and to make it more resistant to rot. See also these questions 1, 2. Would it be ...
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Does burning wood increase any mechanical proprieties?

I've seen wood being burned for spears in movies. I've also seen people burn wood for Sho Sugi Ban finishing technique. But.... Does burning wood increase any mechanical proprieties? Are there any ...
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3 answers

Are there any serious and non-obvious disadvantages to thermally modified wood?

A local wood trader has shown me some thermally modifid ash planks (never seen that before!) with a stunning coloring that almost seduced me to immediately buy a table and two benches worth of it and ...
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