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Was there a better way to make this template?

I'm making a small end table out of plywood, and I decided to make a template out of MDF and then shape the actual plywood pieces with a router. The photos below show the basic shape of the leg pieces....
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Flat spline for curves

Surely it's possible to use a flat spline to draw (and even jigsaw or route) an arbitrary smooth curve. What are some guidelines for doing this? What material for the curve? What to use for ducks? ...
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How to create a 6" hole template with a 1/4" bit and 5/16" template guide?

I need to make MANY 6" holes using a router. If I use a 5/16" template guide and a 1/4" straight bit, what size hole must I make the template? I don't have much scrap to experiment ...
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Making layered thin stock (complex shape) flush?

For my project I've ran into a issue that I am unsure how to resolve. I am making legs for a stand. These legs (finished) are approx. 3" thick after face-gluing three 1" boards. Each board was cut ...
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Why did my flush trim bit chew up my work piece?

I tried to do something like the first picture in this article and it was a disaster. I was working with 3/4" maple and bit dug in, chewed it to pieces, and eventually broke the piece in half. I ...
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How to start a cut when using router templates

I have a template and a router, and am told I need a plunge bit. If I put the template on top of the wood, how do I start the hole? Do I cut a hole in the wood to have a starting point then follow the ...
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6 votes
2 answers

How can I calculate the value for a corner radius?

I'm not asking how to solve what a corner radius is on a piece, rather how to calculate what corner radius I should use on a piece. I need to make a (negative) template to follow with my router. In ...
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Good way to illustrate project / make a template of my small wood phone dock project? (CAD)?

I have not done woodworking much before and a friend invited me to build something... I have it all planned out in my head but I don't know what software is available etc for making a good template ...
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How to make exact copy-ring templates?

My router comes with a 30mm copy ring, and you can optionally buy 27, 24, 17, 13.8, and 8.5. Happens that spiral router bits come in even full-millimeter sizes from 6 to 20 as well as 12.7 (but of ...
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