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The place(s) where the woodworking happens. Sizes, requirements, setup safety concerns etc.

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What are the sound frequencies (Hz) of common woodworking machines?

I am trying to improve the sound insulation in my garage shop, and I gather that Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings of different soundproofing solutions vary as function of Hz levels of sounds. I ...
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What are the less commonly discussed must-haves in your woodshop first-aid kit?

I was talking with a relative who is an EMT. I asked them what thing I should have in my first aid kit that wouldn't be obvious to me (or that would not come in a typical store-bought first aid kit). ...
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Is a 20 ft by 12 ft workshop a good size for a woodworking shop? [closed]

I'm in the planning stage of building a shed. I would like to be able to use a table saw and various other tools (drill press, router table, compound miter saw, etc). Would a 20x12 shed be big enough? ...
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Woodworking shops in Montreal,Canada [closed]

I arrived in Canada/Montreal about a week ago, and want to make/ create some wooden projects, therefore I went to some wood suppliers like HomeDepot, RenoDepot, etc. The average price of 8*4*3/4 ...
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How to soundproof the Wood Shop?

I hold a small (15qm) Wood Shop at the basement, where I have the classic power tools like: a miter saw, a bench saw and a wood drill press and some other hand power tools. There is a real issue ...
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Gradual upgrade of dust collection ducting

My question is simmilar to Will this setup severely reduce the CFM from my dust collector? I have 2" ducting for a shop vac and a small dust deputy. I want to upgrade to a dust collector and 4" ...
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How do I prevent my table saw fence from deflecting?

One problem I tend to have in any shop that I work in, is when I'm cutting a full 4x8 sheet of plywood and I butt it up against the fence, it always budges; even just 1/32." I always end up using a ...
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Can you hook up two shop-vacs in parallel to increase airflow through a dust collection system?

I have a PVC dust collection system comprised of 3" piping through my shop. It works pretty well, except I would benefit from a bit more airflow. I have two shop vacs, one of which is pretty much ...
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What kind of fire extinguisher should I have in the shop?

Apologies if this is off topic. I realize it's only tangentially-related to woodworking. In my 12' x 16' workshop, I have a lot of lumber, projects in mid-construction, tools, a computer and ...
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What is the proper humidity for a shop and how should I achieve it?

I'm off to build my own workshop for mostly woodworking projects in the (huge) basement garage of a very old house. The garage is about 5 by 30 meters(16 by 100 ft) and has a varying height of 3 to 6 ...
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LED Lights for the Woodworking Workshop

This question might be stretching the scope of this SE, but it's woodworking-related so I'll go with it. I'll be purchasing a home sometime soon and will finally have a garage space all to myself for ...
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How do I prevent static on vacuum hoses?

Whether sucking up large amounts of sawdust at once or when attached to a tool, static electricity always builds up on my shop vac hoses when the dust passes through. This leads to messes on the hose ...
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What sort of dust collection system would be adequate for a two-car garage?

I have only recently moved into a new house with an attached two-car garage. I am also starting to make a fair bit of dust working on projects in the garage. Tools I am using include handsaws, a ...
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What tools do I need to start making cabinets?

I am looking for what equipment I need to start a minimal shop that will eventually be making nice cabinets. I have no preference for power tools versus hand tools. I already have a cheap contractor'...