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Trouble with sharp turns on scroll saw. Is my problem technique or equipment?

I watched a couple videos where, to cut a 90 degree angle with a scroll saw, the wood worker simply twisted the wood 90 degrees very quickly. I tried this and it just ruined my blade by bending it out ...
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How to get straight cuts with a scroll saw?

I have a cheap electric scroll saw, one of those Scheppach for ~ 100 EUR. While they are not the best build quality, some people on youtube apparently are happy enough with it and manage to get the ...
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Use planer to even out edge sawn with scroll saw?

I mainly use my trusty scroll saw to cut wood. Although the cuts themselves are nice and clean, the sawn edge is kind of uneven and wavy. I try to even that edge out by sanding it by hand for like ...
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Are there any differences between jigsaws, sabre saws, or scroll saws?

From what I was taught, a scroll saw is a table top saw, with a thin blade used for scrolling work. Though I've also heard these tools referred to as jigsaws. Manufacturers also offer portable saws, ...
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