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Dealing with the byproduct of every woodworking project.

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Where are the dust extractor classes officially defined?

I'm trying get definitive information about the three dust extractor/vacuum classes (L, M, H). I searched a couple of government agencies related to occupational safety and nothing turned up (or I ...
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Table saw dust collection working too well?

I've done some dust collection upgrades to my contractors saw. Essentially this involved putting a large dust hood under the blade and motor assembly. I then used duct tape to seal off all the holes. ...
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Dust collection - Do proper shop vacs/dust collectors eject much air?

This may be a silly question, but I have no experience with proper dust collectors/shop vacs. Do shop vacs/dust collectors, when operating, eject much air? I ask as I have a super cheap wet/dry ...
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Is there a Bagless Dry Vacuum for Shop/Garage Use? [closed]

I've got the traditional Shop-Vac that uses either a collection bag or pleated filter which clogs up in no time when dealing with dust. I'm looking for something portable while doing repair jobs ...
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Is using a wet & dry vacuum cleaner suitable for use as a dust extractor?

I am not looking to upset my wife by trying the house vacuum cleaner, so I am looking at buying something separate for my small shed workshop. Looking at dust extraction options, the cheapest dust ...
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Exposure to a lot of oak sanding dust when didn’t know the harm...advice please!

I got into rustic oak furniture making a few years ago and used a belt sander and detail sander outside on the pieces (about 20 days solid in total spread over 3 years, but covered in dust). I also ...
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2-part dust collector, loss of CFM or not?

So I'm about to order a Grizzly G1028Z2 1-1/2 HP Dust Collector rated at 1300 CFM. I'm unsure if I should get a super Dust Deputy to go with it. Will I lose a lot of my CFM's if I do this? Also, a ...
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Dust collection for my shop

I have read many articles about dust collection and the differences between a shop vac and a dust collector. I am still stuck on one major issue for me; how does one connect table saw, mitre saw, ...
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How dangerous is particleboard?

So, I am no woodworker, but I am someone who has somewhat unrealistic fears of cancer. Earlier this week, I drilled some holes in the back of my computer desk (made of particle board) to run cables ...
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Dust Control on a Table Saw Not Intended for It?

I have a Ryobi table saw (RTS21G), and it is a half decent table saw for the price in my opinion. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a dust control system nor port. The dust just comes out the bottom. Is ...
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Using a table saw in an apartment room

I've began woodworking as a hobby a few months ago and so far I've been using just a circular saw, and all the cuts were done in the balcony due to the insane amounts of sawdust that it produces. I'...
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Making wood filler from sawdust

The piece I am currently working on does not need to be perfect in any way, I am actually going for a slightly rough look (due to many mistakes along the way) but I would like to hide some of the ...
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Color cross-contamination after sanding

I'm a novice woodworker making a knife handle from two different woods. The front and back of the handle are Indian rosewood, while the middle part is birch root. During sanding, it looks like some ...
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Sawdust all over house and furniture from old house modifications - toxic?

Can sawdust be toxic if you're breathing it a lot and it's all over your house and furniture? Vacuuming does not seem to get rid of all the sawdust on the couch, bed, comforters, in computers (!) etc.,...
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Respirator / Dust mask for hand tools?

Whats the safety regarding hand tools and dust masks? My hope is that in general hand tools will not produce fine enough dust to be concerned with. My assumptions are that using hand planes taking ...
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Will this setup severely reduce the CFM from my dust collector?

Just picked up a Grizzly G8027, after previously using a small shop vac + dust deputy cyclone. I am, possibly incorrectly, assuming that I should be using both together. So I am considering running ...
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Can anyone offer guidance on heating with wood waste from the shop?

I'm interested in recycling as fuel all the coarse dust, chips, shavings, and small otherwise useless pieces that I can. Can anyone tell me, from personal experience, how to convert such matter into ...
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Is working with MDF going to kill me?

MDF is pretty cool stuff. Been around for a fair amount of time now. Stuff is used lots now and days. Dimensionally stable and cost effective for a great deal of projects. Problem is that MDF is made ...
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What alternatives are there to throwing sawdust in the trash? [duplicate]

I find that the thing I make most in my shop is sawdust, I'm quite skilled at it. Much of my scraps and dust end up on a garbage truck and I am looking for a more earth friendly way to deal with it. ...
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How do I prevent static on vacuum hoses?

Whether sucking up large amounts of sawdust at once or when attached to a tool, static electricity always builds up on my shop vac hoses when the dust passes through. This leads to messes on the hose ...
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Cloth covered flexible ring or a bag clamp in a dust collector?

I recently acquired a dust collector, and it came with two ways of mounting the chip collection bag, but didn't explain why I would want to use one over the other in the assembly instructions. The ...
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3/4 HP dust collector for a single tool (Bandsaw or jointer)

I am new to woodworking and been having lots of issues with the dust being spread all over my single door garage. I mainly use a CNC enclosed in a box. Belt sander 9" cheap Bandsaw. A benchtop ...
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Why and when should I wear a dust mask?

I'm a handy man with limited woodworking projects these days. I mostly use a circular saw, jig saw, and orbital sander to make crude storage. Sometimes I cut MDF, etc. I've seen it mentioned ...
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Is PVC pipe safe to use for a dust collection system?

I'm in the early stages of designing a dust collection system for my home shop. My existing system, a dustpan and broom, is vastly inefficient for my setup, which includes a tablesaw, router table, ...
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Woodshop and fiber insulation

My basement shop area currently has open floor joists above it, with insulation batting between them. (Yes, I know current theory says insulating there is of minimum value, but for sake of discussion ....
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What kind/style of respirator is appropriate for someone with a beard?

In this answer, it is noted that a woodworker with a beard should consider a positive airflow respirator due to the beard preventing a good seal. I have also seen (on metalworking forums) the ...
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How to remove dust after sanding before applying paint/oil/glue?

Before one can paint a piece of wood, it should be clean from any dust on its surface. What is the recommended way to remove the dust? I tried using a hand brush, which only got rid of the rough ...
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What common woods produce the safest/most harmful dust?

I inherited a bunch of my tools from an woodworker who had developed a severe lung condition due in part to sawdust. I've had lung problems my whole life so have been mindful of this via dust ...
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How to improve a sliding miter saw dust collection?

I have a sliding miter saw with a seriously undersized dust port (1¼"). It's originally built to throw the dust in a tiny bag. When ever I make cuts, about 25% (bag) or 50% (shopvac) of the dust is ...
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What advantages does a dust collector have over a shop vac?

From what I know, dust collectors are generally quieter, hold more chips, and can support a larger hose than a shop vac. Besides this, are there any advantages related to suction? Can dust collectors ...
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What kind of wood dust is toxic/dangerous and requires usage of dust mask?

I have a dust mask but I wonder if it is worth wearing when working on pine wood. I do wear it when working a piece of oak or beech. Would you consider cutting some wood species without a mask safe? ...
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Should I locate a centralized dust collector in a roof crawlspace above a garage shop?

I live in a single story home with an integrated garage shop. I'm considering leveraging the crawlspace above the ceiling as a mounting point for a centralized DC. Running the lines within the ...
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Safety when working Tasmanian Blackwood

I've heard that Tasmanian Blackwood has toxic sawdust. Just how toxic is this sawdust, and what precautions need to be taken when working with it?
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How should I dispose of sawdust safely?

My workshop is more accurately termed my garage, with a small table saw, radial saw and a router table that I built. I don't have a central dust collection, and only the radial saw has any dust ...
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