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Can a jointer or a thicknesser be used as a drum sander?

A thicknesser works by rotating a drum with knives to remove material from a board with one flat edge. The board is fed against the drum by a conveyor belt or by an infeed roller as shown in this ...
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Can you use PVC pipe for drum sander?

I'm considering building an 18" drum sander which will be used for hardwoods (making another chess board). I was considering using some 3.5" PVC pipe and gluing some 60 grit sandpaper to ...
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Good methods for scuffing/sanding ready-built furniture with contours for repainting

FYI - I am in the UK I am wanting to do a few upcycling jobs on pieces of furniture that have some interesting compound curves and details (think of beaded panel doors etc). My goal is to paint them a ...
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Best tool for sanding and shaping irregular surfaces

I am looking for some recommendations on sanding irregular surfaces, like rifle stocks. I have tried a random orbital sander but it is not giving me satisfactory results, and also it is difficult to ...
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High or Low RPM for sanding Epoxy layer on wood?

I have a wooden countertop that I covered with a thin layer of epoxy and, as a beginner, I made a messy job and there are brush strokes on it. Some days ago I started sanding it with a sander with ...
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Planer/jointer/thicknesser worth it?

I have recently been using a table saw to rip cheap 2 X 4 pine for projects. However, it takes a long time to sand these down to a nice finish, and trying to keep them square is difficult. I'm ...
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Tips for reducing sandpaper loading on drum sander

So I got a great deal on a used 25" Performax drum sander this past weekend. It needs a little repair - specifically, one of the drums needs to be replaced. But it works fine as a single drum unit ...
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Is 55W enough for a sander?

I have been looking at buying a Black & Decker Mouse sander which is 55W. Will it be enough for general use such as sanding wood edges?
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Is my 1/4 sheet palm sander going to die?

I was using the 1/4 sheet sander the other day when the motor was getting funny. This started about 4 months ago and got worse. What happens is the motor does not start up to full speed. After some ...
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