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Routers and bits, features, techniques, safety etc.

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Flattening the face of a board without using a jointer

I've seen a lot of jigs to do edge jointing on a table saw or router, including this question. I haven't seen much for flattening one of the faces, though. If the board is narrow (less than ~3"), I ...
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Can I use a plungable router bit on a drill press?

I'm currently working on a cutting board. With a core box bit, I made rounded grooves close to the edges of the board. I would like to have bigger grooves on the corners. I'm thinking of using a ...
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How do I achieve inset edge beading?

I would like to achieve an inset edge beading effect on a drawer front as seen here: What would be the best approach for achieving this? I would rather do this on the face of the drawer rather than ...
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When should I use a spiral router bit?

Straight-cut router bits come with blades with three broad shapes: straight, down-spiral, and up-spiral from left to right, straight blade, down-spiral blade, and up spiral blade, from ...
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How to prevent router bit from sliding in collet?

This is beyond frustrating. I tighten the heck out of my router bit in the colette and it slides mid cut. How do I prevent this? Also, how come they don't make routers with the SDS+ system of locking ...
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What hand tools to use for rounding edges and creating pockets?

I've seen some tutorials online about how to create a cutting board, and all of them suggests using a power router to round the edges and create the pockets for the handles. It looks so easy to do ...
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Can I run a router bit over its max RPM?

A lot of router bits say "maximum speed X rpm". What will happen if I run it faster? Will I die? Will a portal to another universe open? Will demonic creatures, neither man nor beast, burst forth from ...
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Why does my router change depth while I work?

I am making some one-piece shaker style doors out of MDF. To cut the inset, I'm using a 1/2" collet router with a 2" surfacing bit. I was using a trim router with a 3/4" straight bit but I was having ...
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Routing boards without burn

It seems when I utilize routers, they always seem to burn the edge of the board at some point in the cut. I believe I am cutting at a relatively even speed (though this is obviously subjective). My ...
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Should I do many shallow quick cuts or a single deep slow one with my router?

Most cutting tools have a certain removal rate of material at which they should operate. You don't want to go too slow because it takes forever. And if you go to fast the tool heats up too much. ...
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Is a plunge router suitable for router table work?

I mounted my plunge router to a new router table this weekend. I discovered very quickly that it is difficult to adjust the router bit height, as the springs (the very heavy springs!) end up fighting ...
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What's the easiest way to line up a tongue and groove?

I just got a tongue and groove router bit, and on my first attempt on some scrap I had about 1/32"-1/16" of an offset between the two boards I was joining. I think I went wrong by thinking I could ...
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Can I use a 6mm shank in a 1/4 inch collet?

There is a nice bit I would love to get/use but it uses a 6mm shank. My router uses 1/4 inch shank. It is a 0.014 inch it a bad idea to get this? Is there an adapter or something if ...
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How can I improve my strategy for flush trimming with a router?

I always have trouble with flush trimming. I use clamps to keep the piece in place but it gets in the way. Is it better to use a table router or a hand router? Couldn't I use some sort of double ...
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How to make shallow flat-bottomed hole on 5mm thickness wood slice?

I want to make a wood slice magnet which an extra thickness magnet is inserted on a 5mm thickness wood slice. Here is my material. The trouble is that I couldn't find a suitable forstner for it, and ...
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Need a new router collet , or bit? [duplicate]

I use my router in the router planer. It has been through a lot of use and I use 2 different bits for planing. Both are 1/2 straight bits. Recently they will start to fall out if I went to fast, even ...
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Smooth tree trunk cross section [duplicate]

I have a big slab which is a cross section of a large tree trunk. The slab is about 10 inches thick and 3 feet in diameter, so it is large, heavy piece of wood. I cannot lift it. I moved to its ...
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Does HDF require different circular saw blades and routing bits to cut cleanly?

I've never worked with HDF before and need to do some panel cutting work, corner radiusing and edge profiling, will ordinary woodworking rotary saw teeth & router blades cut HDF leaving fluffy ...
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