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Questions tagged [router-bit]

Partnered with a router are used to profile wood. Wide selection of bits makes for interesting patterns.

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How do I use this adapter for a router bit with an M10 internal shaft?

I purchased a Mafell hand router (model LO 65 Ec) and it came with this adapter: The top (narrow end opposite the threaded male) has some sort of female hex socket. Where are female threaded router ...
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Keyhole routing 'endgrain' of plywood

I have seen this article about using a keyhole router cutter in order to hang shelves, cutting into the edge of the board rather than the face. I know that this should be fine for the solid wood ...
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Can I use the same router nut for a 6mm collet on the Makita RT0701C?

I am using the Makita RT0701C along with the OneFinity CNC. I needed a 6mm shank router bit for some inlays I am doing so I ordered a 6mm collet from bits and bits. Is it okay if I use the same nut ...
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Reducing collet 3/8" - 1/4"

I picked up a relatively cheap plunge router that takes 3/8" however I can't seem to find any reasonably priced 3/8" shank bit kits. I have found 1/4" and obviously it doesn't fit. Is there an ...
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Most efficient bit characteristics for 1-1/4hp router.

I have a 1-1/4 hp router that only has a 1/4" collet. Assuming I want to hog the deepest widest dado possible in one cut, what characteristics do I want? Put aside buy a bigger router arguments for ...
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Grinding down my endmill/drill/rotary bit's shank

I have another router with a 1/4" collet. I want to be able to use my 3/8" shank CNC endmill on it. So I'm thinking of grinding the shank to 1/4". Here's how I'm gonna do it: I'll put ...
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