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Sawing a board into thinner boards that are the same length and width

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Resawing by hand - how to correct drift?

I'm trying resawing for the first time on a cherry board. It's just as difficult as everyone has mentioned, but I am following the advice I've found online and only sawing where I can see the line I ...
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Why is resawing by hand so difficult compared to ripping/crosscutting?

Today I resawed a piece of wood and ripped another board using a handsaw. In contrast to ripping or crosscutting, resawing is very difficult. What is the reason for that? Is it just the volume of wood ...
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Resawing boards on the table saw, tips?

Let's say your board is 33mm thick, and you want to have two 15mm boards instead (saw is 3mm thick). A friend told me that I have to use a bandsaw for this task but what if you only have a table saw? ...
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Is it possible to rip thin strips of wood only using hand tools?

Say from a standard board 1 in x3 in x6 feet cut strips of 1/8 in thickness?
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Options for splitting a slab?

I've got a great looking walnut slab that I'm looking to turn into a wood-river coffee table. This slab is 2.5" thick, which gives me the thought of slicing it in half, thus having twice the material ...
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How can I resaw material using only hand tools?

I currently do not own a table saw or a band saw which is what I have seen typically used to resaw wood in half or to smaller dimensions. I would like to half a board to make a small box but only have ...
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Should I resaw before or after gluing up thin panels?

I want to make some thin (1/4-3/8") panels out of hardwood rather than plywood. My panels will be up to 8" wide, so I may need to glue up two or three boards to get the width I need. I'm starting off ...
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Ripping vs Resawing - is there a reason for the difference?

While I understand the technical difference between ripping a board in two vs resawing a board into thinner boards, is there a technical reason for the distinction? Granted, thinner pieces of wood ...
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2 answers

How big or powerful does a bandsaw have to be to resaw?

What is the minimum power and size (and/or other considerations) I can get to do resawing? I am thinking the pieces would be big as a piece of firewood. I guess it could be a little bigger. I don't ...
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What's a good way to cut a board parallel to its face?

I have some thick boards that I'd like to make thinner. Generally I would thickness plane the board, but in this case I'd like to reduce the thickness of the board by about half (e.g. from 2" thick ...
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Is it safe to resaw on a table saw?

I have been under the impression that if you want to resaw lumber, the tool of choice is a bandsaw. I don't have a bandsaw, but I do have a contractor-style table saw. However, I have read elsewhere ...
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