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Techniques, tools, products and safety related to removing finish from a piece and reapplying a new finish.

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dylon material dyed wood and watco oil and wax finish on oak

I have stripped down a 60s oak dinning table and chairs with paint stripper, then washed with TPS as per paint remover instructions. I then dyed the wood with Dylon material dye "deep blue". The ...
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Refurbishing Posts & Beams in a Modern 1954 House

I'm trying to refurbish the posts and beams in my house. They're quite beat up in some spots and have water damage streaks in the existing finish(es) in others, so I've decided to strip the existing ...
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35 year old D.R. Dimes windsor chairs need freshening up

I have 12 D.R. Dimes windsor chairs that were finished with some sort of painted crackle effect, dark green with peeks of red. They are approximately 35 years old and the finish is looking dull. I ...
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Sun damaged polyurethane-finished dining table

So I have this Italian made marquetry dining table which has a polyurethane finish. I acquired this as a used item and I noticed after purchase that in the light I can see streaked areas where it has ...
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Sanded and stained a pine window shelf... water damaged areas too dark. How to fix?

I am prepping my house to sell. We sanded and stained a window shelf under a Bay Window and the water damaged areas came out too dark. So how should I fix this? Sand again or stripper, or just cover ...
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Antique Danish Oil is still sticky months after application. How can I get it to cure?

I refinished a softwood tabletop using Minwax Red Oak 215 stain and Circa 1850 Antique Danish Oil. I've waited over 6 months and the oil is still sticky/tacky! We're talking post-it note levels. I ...
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Repairing damaged indoor teak furniture

I have a teak console that was damaged by friend who had it stored in their house. This damage was caused by water rings. And this was caused by melted wax from a candle! I've scraped the wax off ...
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Removing shiny poly from Aromatic Cedar to restore natural appearance

I recently purchased some beautiful bedroom furniture which is all solid aromatic cedar. The exteriors of each piece (such as drawer faces and the visible surfaces of the bed frame) are all covered ...
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Was there paint under the stain I stripped off?

I'm striping an old headboard for a bead frame with the intention of re-staining it. As I am working I noticed that the consistency and color of the stuff I'm stripping from the large flat surfaces ...
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What would cause wood filler to turn black when refinishing oak floor?

I was refinishing some old oak floors in rough condition, and troweled in Duraseal wood filler after a rough sand. Mostly, it worked fine, but in some places in one room, the filler turned dark or ...
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What finish is this and how can I fix after bad coffee accident…?

I just had a pretty bad friday morning coffee spilling experience and the coffee seem to have ruined the surface finish of two of my kitchen chairs: Either the heat or the acid in the coffee caused ...
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Tack cloth stickiness

I finished a table using miniwax and tung oil. After three layers of tung oil, I lightly sanded and then used a tack cloth to remove the dust. The top is now sticky. How do I remove the stickiness ...
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Refinished old door looks awful, nothing like I expected! How to fix?

I had my interior doors dipped a couple years ago and have been gradually staining them (using gel stain and gel varnish). They don't look perfect, but I think they're really pretty (see first two ...
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For how much time are fumes from freshly polished wood furniture toxic and must be aired out & presence avoided?

PS: If needs to be in the DIY SE rather than Woodwork SE please moderators figure where it will get better responses and fit. Thanks. PPS: Found this similar -
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How to fix this blotchy staining job?

As part of a renovation, my contractor had to remove some 60 year old Southern pine stair treads and replace with new ones. When staining to match the remaining treads, the color match was okay, but ...
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