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Techniques, tools, products and safety related to removing finish from a piece and reapplying a new finish.

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How to find out what kind of finish is on a piece of furniture

I have several old pieces of furniture that have issues with the existing finish. I would like to do a gentle restoration of these pieces while maintaining the original look. I am not sure if the ...
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Good methods for scuffing/sanding ready-built furniture with contours for repainting

FYI - I am in the UK I am wanting to do a few upcycling jobs on pieces of furniture that have some interesting compound curves and details (think of beaded panel doors etc). My goal is to paint them a ...
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Recycling "pre-loved" lumber -- techniques?

(This may be multiple related questions; assistance in breaking it up would be welcome if so.) Many woodworkers have learned that a surprising amount of lumber, including some surprisingly good/...
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How to remove finish on T&G solid wood pine paneling on walls?

So, we LOVE our country cedar home, with pine walls EVERYWHERE. I've painted over them in the kids rooms and it looks great! But I don't want it to come to that in the main rooms. The stain is ...
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Problem with "Bubbles" in Table Finish

I'm in the final stages of trying to build my first dining room table - a Christmas gift for my wife. All has gone pretty well until this last coat of Arm-R-Seal (Satin). It's the 5th coat, and now, ...
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Salvaging Failed Spar Varnish/Danish Oil Finishing Layers on Redwood Live-Edge Slab

This question is a follow-up/continuation to another SO question of mine with added detail and hopefully a better explanation of my approach and current state of the board. The state of the wood slab ...
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Proper way to re-oil a wood swim deck?

I’ve had the swim deck pictured below on my boat for a few summers now and the finish is getting pretty faded. I bought some teak oil to re-oil (right term?) it, but I’m unsure if I should just apply ...
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Refinishing - how to deal with streaking caused by a filler used by a previous owner?

I am trying to refinish a fairly ornate architrave around my front door. I think it is probably around 140 years old and made of solid wood, but I reckon it was most recently refinished in the 1960s. ...
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Moisture Blushing or Inadequately Mixed Satin Wipe-On Poly?

In the final step of finishing my speakers I was putting satin wipe-on poly over my danish oil. The danish oil sat for 6 days on my walnut paperbacked veneer in my basement with a dehumidifier going. ...
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Can I touch up old oak chairs and tables using Howard's Restor-A-Finish?

I have found a great old oak table and chair set which the neighbours wanted to get rid off. It is well used but in good condition. The photo below shows the wear and tear the set has had over years (...
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