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How do I ensure that the bottom of my shelf project is level?

I'm very new to woodworking, and for my first project I decided to make a very simple shelf out of reclaimed pallet wood. If you can imagine the pallet standing on it's side, with the planks vertical,...
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If I make a stool from this composite (?) wood, will it end in tears?

I want to try making a stool based on this video series by Paul Sellers. Unlike Paul, I will use some power tools (power drill, oscillating tool for sanding/cutting, maybe rotary tool for sanding). ...
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Remove white paint from old wood fence

I used some reclaimed wood from a ~12 year old fence to build the top of a farm table. The paint on the fence is white, faded, and powdery. If you pick up a board it dusts up your hands a lot. What ...
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Is this reclaimed wood repairable?

There is a large chunk missing from this dining table and I'm worried it is unrepairable. If it can't be repaired, could you explain why?
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Tips for Jointing Reclaimed Barnwood Table Top

Finally broke down and decided to give this current fad a try. For anyone that is experienced in working with reclaimed wood, do you have any tips for edge jointing and getting a decently flat top? I ...
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Is it drastically more work to sand down barn wood instead of planing?

100 reclaimed barn wood planks: 4.5 foot long X 6 inch wide X 3/4 inch thick. Trying to get the weight down by half, by thinning to 3/8 inch thick. See: Can barn wood planks be planed and how thin? ...
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what is the best way to remove rusty screws from old deck boards? [duplicate]

I took down an old mahogany deck and saved the wood for other projects. I have made a bike rack out of the reclaimed wood and am considering making a picnic table but I am finding it difficult to ...
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Can 160-year-old wood still have sap?

I bought a dining table and it was claimed that the table top was made from reclaimed wood from a 160-year-old Douglas Fir log. The table top is still seeping out sap. Is this even possible from ...
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Tips for recognizing aged pressure treated wood

New lumber that is pressure treated will have tags that identify the chemical used. More noticeably is the green or brown colors from the treating process. So newer wood is easier to identify as ...
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What's the best way to remove varnish from recycled wood flooring?

I've got a bunch of recycled hardwood flooring that I plan to use for shop projects and possibly nicer furniture. How should I remove the varnish? Would it be preferable to use the thickness planer ...
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Is it possible to distress lumber to look "reclaimed?"

My cousin's fiancee is interested in making a bench similar to this picture: This appears to be reclaimed lumber with years of weathering, but it's very smooth, which seems like it would be hard to ...
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What is a good method for laminating pallet wood/reclaimed lumber?

So far I have dismantled six pallets, cut the wood into pieces which range from 10" to 19" in length about 1 1/2" wide and are approximately 1/2" thick. My goal is to laminate these pieces together. ...
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Considerations using lumber stored outside

I don't have a shop. My reclaimed wood and what little lumber I have are stored in my shed which doubles as workshop and yard storage. As such it is subject to winter and while it is protected from ...
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