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Why are there hole-less as well as holed sanding discs?

The 3M Cubitron 775L is sold in two varieties - with and without holes. The size, price, and grain being the same, why would anybody want a hole-less sanding disc? These discs are specifically ...
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Good methods for scuffing/sanding ready-built furniture with contours for repainting

FYI - I am in the UK I am wanting to do a few upcycling jobs on pieces of furniture that have some interesting compound curves and details (think of beaded panel doors etc). My goal is to paint them a ...
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Smoothing an uneven piece of wood

What are the best ways to smooth out shallow cuts in a piece of wood that is "mostly flat" but definitely a little warped, and has no requirement to be made flat? This came from trees a ...
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How can variable speed be used on a random-orbit sander?

I see some models of random-orbit sanders have a variable speed control. Under what circumstances would I need variable speed while sanding? It's not clear to me what benefit it offers.
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A beginner's question about sanding, stain, and polyurethane for a SMOOTH finish

I'm doing to hobby pieces using 3/4" pine ply. On my faces, I've sanded with 80, then 120, then finish with 220 using random orbit sander. To the touch, it's very very smooth. I'll give it a good ...
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Random Orbital Sander rounds table edges

My Bosh GEX 125-1 AE Random Orbital Sander tends to round all my edges. I am sanding a table top and all points are now curved down, instead of straight. I believe this is happening because the ...
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Advice on surfacing board with sander

I have a couple of boards of white oak I want to glue up to make a platform for a computer. They are straight enough for a glue up but will require some surfacing for flatness and overall look. I am ...
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Cloudy whiteish looking spot on my finish - what happened?

Have a weird spot on a walnut headboard I was hoping that someone could help me with. See the picture below. There is a cloudy whiteish looking spot in the middle of the headboard. It only shows if ...
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In what situations would I use a belt sander versus a random orbit sander?

I own both a belt sander and random orbit sander. I've found that as I've worked on improving my finishing technique, I will oftentimes go for the random orbit sander over any other sanding ...
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