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How to address instabilities due to the top of a piece of furniture moving laterally relative to the bottom.

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Reinforce bunk bed

I built the below kit bunk bed for my kids and interested in reinforcing the posts to deal with some horizontal sway. It is constructed out of pine and connected with screws, barrel nuts and dowels. ...
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Can I use paracord to prevent a Large desk from racking?

I plan on making a large l-shaped desk out of an ikea counter top and a desktop then making legs out of 2x4s. I was planning on integrating shelves onto the desk legs as regular drawer unit can get ...
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Is 1/8" plywood enough to prevent racking or do I need 1/4"?

I'm making a shelving unit from 3/4" plywood. The unit will be 6 feet high by 3 feet wide and I'm concerned about racking. I could use corner brackets on the back, but I was thinking it might ...
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How to keep frat bench from racking (photos)

The slanted 72 inch boards are not screwed into anything, but I would like to add them to keep the bench strong side to side. I don't want to screw into the back bottom joint as it already has 4 ...
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What supports do legs need on a very short workbench

I'm in the process of building a knockdown workbench, following the general design of a short bench (similar to roman bench seen here). Most of these use dowel style legs, which I am not confident in ...
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How likely is it that my kids will break this bench?

I need a bench for our kitchen table, and am trying to teach myself basic joinery, so I'm attempting to build one from some scrap pallet wood. The wood is nominally 1x4 and I think is probably pine, ...
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Is this frame design sturdy enough for a window seat?

Hope that this is the right forum for woodworking design critiques. I'm experienced with plywood but this is my first time attempting 'sturdy' furniture. I'd like to make sure it's going to be strong ...
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How can I strengthen my 3/4" Plywood Bunk Bed Plan?

I'm working on a plywood bunk bed for our two 4 year olds. Obviously I need it to look cool, but more importantly not collapse on their impressionable skulls. I plan on using 3/4 plywood (.706 or so) ...
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3 answers

Shelf made of 1x2 pine boards. Stable?

This is just a basic project for fun and experience. The shelf will measure about 48,24,12 (H,W,D). Do you think this would hold an even load of 50 lbs per shelf with 5 shelves?
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Flip-Cart for Wood Planer - Best Hardware and Construction

I built something that is essentially this: And it has beaten itself to death, almost falling apart. The original cart, like the one in picture, is 2x4 construction, uses allthread to spin on, and ...
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What might be stronger than a miter but still look like a miter joint?

In this bench, the joints appear to be simple miters; however, I can't believe that this piece would be stable with a simple miter. How might this joint be constructed so that it is strong enough to ...
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How can I determine the load capacity of a simple bench?

I'm new to woodworking and I'm in the planning phase of making a bench like the one pictured below. I'm planning on storing very heavy boxes on this and would also like to use it as a stool to reach ...
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